Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Hate Myselfie Book Review Notes

Impressions on first couple of chapters/essays: Bad attempts at shock humor a la Denis Leary
He describes himself as a twat, which I would honestly tend to agree with
Okay the third one actually had me laughing.
Lisa is hilarious. Shane tries too hard.
The oddly sexual way he refers to his teenage self makes this a very uncomfortable read.
Abloobloobloo he had sympathy/guilt for his bully. Whatthefuckever.
Okay, why isn't the rest of this written as well as the essay about his grandma?
Birthday Suit was OK too I guess
Lol'd heartily at Internet Famous
How to Survive A Horror Movie was lame as fuck
He's way too sympathetic with everything.
"I think the devil is in me and I'm going to shit him out!"
Fuck you Shane Dawson I laughed way too damned hard at Strange Addictions
So he got fired from his job for doing something he shouldn't have been doing while on the clock and then got mad about it? Dumbass!
Astral Projection was lame
Just a Pretty Face was trying too hard
Leg Twin, more like dickcheese Dawson
Shocktuber was surprisingly thoughtful and well-written.
Ended on a meh note overall.